Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 – Miss Whitley

Year 4 is a year where children really begin to find their feet. They are getting older and wiser and can begin to fulfil the potential they have shown throughout their early school years.

We have 29 children this year, with many different personalities that help make our classroom a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The children have come in with a terrific attitude and hunger for learning and this will no doubt stand them in good stead for a fantastically enriching school year.

In English, the children will produce various forms of writing including diary entries, newspaper report and letters, whilst also letting their imagination run wild writing their own stories.

In Maths the children will focus on the calculations policy where they will learn a multitude of mental and written methods encompassing the 4 operations of mathematics. Alongside this they will tackle shape, measures, and times whilst honing investigative skills in solving real life maths problems.